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Episode 18 · 2 weeks ago

EP18: How Customers are Maximizing AWS Managed Services (AMS)

Michael Eshoo, Sr. Manager, WW AMS Specialist SA at AWS, joins us to talk about how customers are using AWS Managed Services (AMS). We look at the challenges these customers are facing and how they’re overcoming them to maximize the benefits they’re getting from AMS.

Episode 17 · 2 months ago

EP17: 7 Tactical IT Initiatives to Enable Your Corporate Business Objectives

To get a better understanding of how organizations were prepared and continue to plan for the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as how IT leaders’ priorities and initiatives are shifting, IDG CIO conducted a COVID-19 Impact Study that indicated 3 major focus areas - cost control, improving IT operations, and redesigning business processes. We break these down and look at 7 initiatives you can take to enable your business objectives.

Episode 16 · 2 months ago

EP16: Managed DevOps - An Oxymoron?

Managed DevOps sounds like an oxymoron, so why would someone consider it? Hear from our DevOps pro about the factors that contribute to companies stalling mid-DevOps Transformation and how a Managed DevOps strategy can help overcome that plateau.

Episode 15 · 3 months ago

EP15: 5 Strategic IT Business Drivers CXOs are Contemplating Now

What is the new normal for life and business after COVID-19, and how does that impact IT? We dive into the 5 strategic IT business drivers CXOs are contemplating now and the motivation behind those drivers. 

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