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Episode 13 · 7 months ago

EP13: Examining the Cloud Center of Excellence

What is a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE), and how can you ensure its success? Joe Kinsella, CTO of CloudHealth, talks with us today about the importance of a CCOE, the steps to cloud maturity, and how to move through the cloud maturity journey.

Episode 12 · 7 months ago

EP12: Diving into Data Lakes and Data Platforms

Data Engineering and Analytics expert, Rob Whelan, joins us today to dive into all things data lakes and data platforms. Data is the key to unlocking the path to better business decisions. What do you need data for? We look at the top 5 problems customers have with their data, how the cloud has helped solve these challenges, and how you can leverage the cloud for your data use.

Episode 11 · 7 months ago

EP11: Unraveling Cloud Security, Compliance and Regulations

Cloud compliance, cloud security...NOT the same thing. Victoria Geronimo, Security & Compliance Product Manager at 2nd Watch who also happens to have an internet law and internet policy background, joins us today as we look at how security, compliance, and state regulations affect architecting your cloud environment and the farther-reaching effects they have on business.

Episode 10 · 7 months ago

EP10: DevOps' Place in Cloud Transformation

Stefana Muller, Sr Product Manager of DevOps at 2nd Watch, joins us today to talk about DevOps' place in cloud transformation. We examine ideal entry points into DevOps transformations, methodologies, secrets to a successful transformation, and the "impossible ask."

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