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Episode 9 · 8 months ago

EP09: COVID-19 and a Venture Capitalist’s View

We welcome very special guest, Matt McIlwain, Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group, to get a venture capitalist's view on the current market environment, the outlook for the market, and technological effects in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 1995, Madrona Venture Group has helped technology entrepreneurs launch and grow world-class companies.

Episode 8 · 8 months ago

EP08: Advising the VP leader for cloud transformation

What are the most common drivers for business transformation? We look at how to mold and adapt to cloud transformation, areas of challenges and acceleration in that transformation we're seeing due to the COVID 19 environment, key considerations to prepare for your transformation and the phases of transformation from planning to ongoing optimization.

Episode 7 · 8 months ago

EP07: VMware Cloud on AWS & Virtual Desktops

We discuss VMware Cloud on AWS as a data center extension, for next-generation applications and Disaster Recovery, and virtual desktop solution, Horizon 7. VMware Cloud Partner Solution Architect, Frances Wong, joins us to get technical.

Episode 6 · 8 months ago

EP06: Azure Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

Farida Bharmal, Microsoft One Commercial Partner, joins us today to talk about Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). We discuss the components of CAF including strategy, plan, ready, migrate, innovate, govern and manage, and where customers are struggling and how they're overcoming those challenges.