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Episode 5 · 9 months ago

EP05: Hybrid cloud computing

Today we welcome our first guest, Dusty Simoni, Sr Product Manager at 2nd Watch, to discuss hybrid cloud computing. We dive into what hybrid cloud is is, examples of hybrid, benefits, complexities, and how to get started. For this conversation, we look at hybrid cloud as on-premises infrastructure and public cloud - specifically around AWS, Azure and VMware - and exclude private cloud services.

Episode 4 · 9 months ago

EP04: 5 of the largest lessons learned over a decade

We analyze the 5 most important lessons we've learned over the past decade from the point of view of how they affect a new cloud user as well as an advanced user or organization. We dive into governance, optimization, CCOE, mutli-cloud, talent, the knowledge gap, breaking down silos, scaling services, and the shared responsiblity model.

Episode 3 · 9 months ago

EP03: Re:Invent follow-up a month or so after

We recap AWS re:Invent 2019, giving you our top 5 takeaways, including AWS Compute Optimizer, Amazon EC2's support for Active Directory Authentication using Windows Accounts gMSA, how AWS Security Hub got smarter, EC2 Image Builder, and Amazon Outposts.

Episode 2 · 9 months ago

EP02: History of Cloud and where we are today

When did we first hear about AWS, the cloud starters? Where have we come since then? We dive into AWS price change trends, new service launches, how Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure came into the mix, and how it all affects you.